Manifesting Your Hearts Desires In 2021 – Prishaniee

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Manifesting Your Hearts Desires In 2021 – Prishaniee


When it comes to manifesting there is so much information all over the internet that you might be confused about where to start, what it truly means and how to start doing it. So, I am going to give you a bit of guidance on how to start manifesting with joy and ease.

Manifestation is the bases of attracting your desires. It is not new and mysterious. You have been manifesting since your birth, you might have just not known it. Manifestation is all about your feelings and how to bring your feelings into alignment with what it truly is that you desire to bring into your life.

In order for you to become an active manifestor and to manifest the true desires of your heart there are a few steps you can take.


  1. You will need to get clear on what it is that you truly desire.

Now this does not need to be anything that is spiritual, for anyone else or for a charity. This is you going within your heart and asking what it is you truly desire to bring forth into your reality.


2. Observe and reframe your thoughts.

This step is one that I have found has helped me in releasing those limiting beliefs. It helps to write out your thoughts about why you cannot have the thing you desire. There might be many thoughts. Write them all out. Look at them and then decide to reframe them into a more positive thought but make sure it also feels good to you to say this new thought.


3. Allow yourself to Surrender your manifestations to the Universe.

Surrendering your desires to the Universe can sometimes be difficult as we can feel the need to control the outcomes. It is understandably difficult to surrender your most precious desire to the Universe without knowing if it will come to fruition or acting on it in manic manner. Surrendering your desires is one of the key steps in the manifestation process and you cannot manifest without it. Allow yourself the time and space to accept and surrender. In surrendering our desires to the Universe, we are showing the Universe that we trust that all is being taken care of for us in the most magnificent way.


4. Give yourself permission to feel good.

“It’s good to feel good” these words written by Gabby Bernstein have become a mantra for me. I have repeated these words thousands of times to myself each day. Feeling good or feeling into the feelings of already having your desires allows you to be in the vibrational alignment with those desires. Your feelings just like your desires are energy. So, in order to be in the energy of what you desire you need to feel into that energy. If you cannot do that yet, just allow yourself to feel good every day. You feeling good allows you to be in the high energy or positive energy of receptivity and thus, will ultimately allow you in be in the energy of your desires.


5. Take action only when it feels good to do so.

Taking action on your desires is not a bad thing. The issue comes in when we try to control the outcome of our desires as well as the timeline of those desires. The problem is when we don’t allow the Universe to do some of the work. This is when manifesting becomes difficult.

Taking inspired action is when you are guided or being led by the Universe to act on something that will help bring your desires into fruition. Yes, the Universe will always bring your desires to you, if it is aligned with the highest good for you and for all. Sometimes you just have to show the Universe you are committed and this requires some inspired action.  Inspired action is not manic or forceful. It is easy and comes to your mind in a natural and calm way. It is thoughts and “aha” moments that feel inspired, new and fresh. These ideas are your inspired action. Take action when they come.


 6. Receive 

Receiving your hearts desires or manifestations is obviously the best part. In order to receive we must be open to receiving, we must be feeling good and living in our good energy or vibrations. Receiving your desires might not always look exactly as you want them to. This however, does not mean that you didn’t get your desire, it could just mean that this might have been the easiest way for the Universe to bring you your desire in a way you would understand and accept. It could also be that this is the only way you left open for the Universe to allow you to receive your desire. Do not be despondent. Keep practicing and keep surrendering. You will come to find that you will open yourself up in so many ways that your desires will start to show up exactly as you want them or in even better ways.


One last tip to help you continue to manifest the desires of your heart is to “cultivating the feeling you want to experience”, Gabby Bernstein.  Stay in those feelings of your desires and you will be sure to receive them in no time. Manifestation is a lifelong practice. Keep practicing to surrender and staying in the feelings of feeling good.

With so much love, light and kindness.

By Prishaniee

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