Joanne Mosconi-Piano, Writer/Director/Producer

From the director and writer of the hit Off Broadway show:  Marry, F*** or Kill, Joanne Mosconi is thrilled to be bringing her new Los Angeles play:  “You Love That I’m NOT Your Wife” to her home town, New York City! “I wrote You Love That I'm NOT Your Wife  to explore what modern day love in Los Angeles looks like. Los Angeles is a character in this script, as this play could not take place in any other city. No one comes to La La Land to fall in love, as Los Angeles is arguably the most lonely, non-committed city in the world. People move to Los Angeles to chase "the dream". The characters in this play are very much influenced by this, as well as the city's abundance of beauty, glamour, wealth, consistent sunshine and amount of options. Although this is not an autobiographical piece, some characters were based on real life experiences. The ten characters in this play are all very different, but they are bound together by one thing- their need for love and the fear they experience when they are not receiving it. This causes them to act in ways they never expected. These are insatiable, crazy, complex, but lovable characters all yearning to be understood and wanted.”

Blake Boyd, Co-Producer, Actor

As as an actor, Blake joins the YOU LOVE THAT I’M NOT YOUR WIFE team in New York after a successful 5 year run as an associate producer of the hit WOMEN ARE CRAZY BECAUSE MEN ARE ASSHOLES which culminated in an off-Broadway run at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre.  Blake is also co-producing New York playwright Marthe Rachel Gold’s WAR STORIES which will have its world premier in 2018 in Los Angeles and be directed by 4 time Emmy winner John Frank Levey.  

John Piano, Executive Producer

  In addition to loving that Joanne Mosconi-Piano IS his wife, John is an entertainment industry veteran, with dozens of major film productions under his belt as a Business Affairs Exec at 20th Century Fox, including "Fight Club", "Moulin Rouge" and "Something About Mary". Creator and CEO of Santa Monica-based innovative medical software provider, Transplant Connect, John remains actively involved in the creative space and is thrilled to help bring "You Love That I'm Not Your Wife" to the New York stage.  

Alexandrea Mallia, Lead Production, Stage Design

New York is Alexandrea's creative home, due to the influence of her New York architect father's involvement in the creation of stage theatres the Ziegfield and Marriot Marquis and movie theaters in Manhattan. Alexandrea studied acting at New York Film academy.  She has always had an intense passion for acting and creating content that she could no longer deny after studying animation and visual arts for several years, in Saint Louis, Missouri, Tokyo, Japan and Kyoto, Japan.

She is passionate about working on this production with its amazing cast and crew, and can't wait for New York to see the fun filled vision that Joanne Mosconi has created.

Ashley Diane Long, Stage Manager, Promotions, Prop Master

Ashley is a dedicated actor, exploring the world of theatre and film/tv here in New York. She grew up in Arkansas and moved to this bustling city after graduating from Duke University. In addition to acting, she freelances as a casting assistant/associate and production assistant on various projects. She joins the crew of "You Love That I'm Not Your Wife" to bring this amazing project to life on the New York stage and to continue to collaborate with amazing artists.

Nicholas Potter, Fight Choreographer, Stage Design

Living in New York can be scary for some, but for Nicholas Potter it was a life long dream. Originally from Marydel, DE, Nick grew up in the Kent County theatre arts scene. With a passion for theatre and a curiousity for film, attending AMDA and The New York Film Academy deemed necessary. He is currently a working actor and improvisor living in Brooklyn, thrilled to be part of such an exemplary cast and crew that Joanne Mosconi has created. 

Ceren Ergenekon, Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe

For as long as she can remember Ceren Ergenekon has been a dreamer with a great passion for storytelling and acting. Finding the right kind of crazy and creativity she loves within theatre world. She started out by studying Journalism in college and was working as a formats manager in her hometown of Istanbul, Turkey. Managing four critically acclaimed Turkish tv series.However, her desire to continue her pursuit of acting eventually brought her all way here to New York City. Ceren studied both acting for film and screenwriting at New York Film Academy.  Now she is actively working as a writer, actress, and Formats manager. She has fallen in love with the story and characters Joanne Mosconi has created, and is looking forward to seeing them come alive on stage.

Stewart Borden, Musical Director/Composer

Stewart Borden is a composer, musician, soundscape artist, performer, and ‘expert’ stagehand. He has written and performed the music for many movies and stage production, he has released a classical piano CD, and is the bassist for Men in Suits. He met Joanne while they were both getting their culinary arts degree. He has tested the recipes for her father’s upcoming cookbook as well as authored his own book, Kitchen Tidbits.

Raymond Helkio, Video, Promotions, Production

Raymond Helkio is film and theatre director from Toronto, Canada. His last play, RAID: Operation Soap about the 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids will be available late November through Glad Day Bookshop. His current film Hamlet In A Hot Tub (The Movie) premieres in Toronto this December.

Jamie Ann Burke, Production Assistant, Stage Manager

Jamie Ann Burke is a recent transplant to New York City from Los Angeles. She is a versatile actress starring in several genres of film. Most known for her work as a Rwandan genocide survivor in the international film "The Power of the Heart, ranked top 10 heartwarming films of 2014 by Huffington Post; An African astronaut in the dramatic "One Under The Sun" and a night nurse in the horror film "Psychopaths" which premiered at Tribeca 2017. She also garnered praise for her adaption of Queen Guinevere in the theatrical production with Elysium Conservatory. In her spare time Jamie enjoys Bikram Yoga, Capoeira and salsa dancing.

Becky Heisler McCarthy, Lighting Designer

Growing up in Allentown, PA Becky began her theater journey in high school. After trying acting and discovering she wasn’t very good, she stumbled into the position of lighting designer and has never looked back. She pursued a BFA in Lighting Design at Penn State and upon graduation moved to New York City. Her life now consists of assisting across the city, including Off-Broadway, and around the country. Additionally she designs for dance, theater, and opera pieces. She is excited to be joining this team of collaborators as they continue to expand and develop this work of art.