About Us

Who We Are

NotYourWife is a new media company centred around amplifying the voices of South Asian women and discussing the experiences of diasporic South Asians.


Through a combination of our articles, events, workshops and social media platforms, we are committed to sharing the untold stories of South Asian women and ‘third culture kids’ growing up in the diaspora. In just six months, the fast-growing platform gained a following of over 20,000 individuals on social media, reaches over 300,000 individuals on a weekly basis and has over 50 individuals within their contributor community.


The company was founded in March 2020, after British-Asian co-founders, Kiran and Sonam, found themselves struggling to find a relatable online space. The South Asian diaspora is estimated to be around 24 million, however continues to be an under-represented and under-explored space. NotYourWife seeks to openly and honestly discuss the complexities and unique experiences faced by South Asians growing up in the diaspora. We work towards dismantling and disrupting stereotypes, through creating a safe space to explore and discuss ‘generationally inaccessible’ or stigmatised topics including identity, relationships, mental health and lifestyle.


NotYourWife’s mission is to amplify the voices of South-Asian women by creating honest & open dialogues surrounding the realities of growing up in the diaspora.


The platform aims to celebrate South-Asian culture & heritage and ultimately increase representation of South-Asian culture and people in mainstream avenues.